What is ESPA ?


Empirical Studies in Political Analysis (ESPA) workshop is an annual effort to convene a distinguished group of scholars who conduct research on political affairs by relying mainly on empirical studies and quantitative methodology.

At the Midwest Political Science Association annual meeting in Chicago (2014) , the idea of organizing this event emerged during an informal conversation on how to improve research collaboration among scholars with similar interests . Initiated by Ali Carkoglu and Alper Ecevit, this workshop contributes to sharing research experiences and knowledge among scholars of political science with similar methodological skills. Topics of interest include Comparative Politics, International Relations and Turkish Politics.

Please check our website and leave us a note if you are willing to contribute to next workshop in January. You can contact us via Alper Ecevit’s email address: alper.ecevit@gmail.com

For more information on how to apply, please click here.


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